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Borrowing Policies

Library Cards, Internet Guest Passes and Borrowing Policies

Adults and children of any age are welcome to use the Library’s collections and services or participate in programs, provided they follow the Library’s Code of Conduct.

Borrowing Library materials to take home, remote access to research databases, downloading digital materials and use of computer workstations and laptops all require presentation of a Library Card. Our policies set specific guidelines for getting a Library Card or Internet Guest Pass and for borrowing or using Library materials and equipment. The topics below explain these policies.

Library Cards

  • Eligibility
  • Identification
  • Applying for a New or Replacement Card

Internet Guest Passes
Non-Newburgh Residents
Children’s Library Cards
Confidentiality of Borrower Records
Loan Periods & Renewal
Fines & Fees

Library Cards


Newburgh Free Library Cards are issued to individuals who

1. live or own property in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District
2. work or go to school in the district and do not live in another Library area within the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS).

If you are not eligible, see Non-Newburgh Residents.


Patrons 18 and older need a photo ID and proof of their current physical address (e.g., a bill, pay stub, mail from a government agency, apartment lease, rent receipt, car insurance).

Adult Residents of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District may apply online for a library card. Non-residents must apply in person.

If you don’t have acceptable identification, see Internet Guest Passes below.


Internet Guest Passes may be granted to individuals from outside our service area or for patrons who have forgotten their library cards. An Internet Day Pass allows you up to 2 sessions on a computer and is good only for that day. It does not allow you to borrow library materials.


If you are not eligible for a Newburgh Free Library Card you may still use the Library’s resources in-house.
If you want to borrow materials but

  1. live in another RCLS area, you must first go to your home library (usually located in the community where you pay your school or property taxes) and apply for a library card. This card may be used at any library within the RCLS service area.
  2. live outside the RCLS service area, you can be issued a Newburgh card for an annual fee of $50.00 for adults and $5.00 for students.

Nonresidents may not apply for a library card online due to fee and identification restrictions.

If you want to use Library workstations for Internet or MS Office, you will need an Internet Guest Pass.

**Faculty, Staff & Students at SUNY-Orange and Mt St Mary College – please refer to Newburgh Library Collaborative for information about obtaining library cards at all three institutions.


We encourage parents to give their children the gift of a library card. All children under 18, including babies, who live in the Newburgh Enlarged School District are eligible. Children from infancy through age 11 will need a parent’s or guardian’s signature on the registration form.

Children whose parents work in the District are also eligible – please see Who May Have a Library Card for guidelines.

Children must bring their cards with them for all Library transactions, including signing up to use computers.* Children’s cards are coded to allow them to use computers for

  • Under Age 11*
  • Ages 12 through 15
  • Age 16 and over (Adult Workstations)

*Children under age 11 may also use Early Literacy Station computers in the Children’s area that do not require reservations.

-What Identification do Children Need?

  1. For school-aged children, registration in a district school is the only identification required.
  2. Parent identification is necessary for private or home-schooled students and for children younger than school age.


New York State Law and American Library Association policies require that all borrower record information, including the titles of requested or borrowed materials, be kept confidential. For this reason

  • We do not tell you the title of a requested item when we call to notify you of availability. This information is available if you receive email or text message notification and can also be viewed online under My Account.
  • Titles of materials you have borrowed are permanently deleted from your record when the items are returned. Titles of Lost or Claims Returned items are kept in your record until paid for or otherwise resolved so that we can have clear conversations with you about them.
  • Children’s records are equally protected by these laws and policies.


The Newburgh Free Library sets different loan periods depending on the type of material (collection & format). Because other RCLS member libraries may set different loan periods for similar material, it is the owning library that determines the loan period regardless of where the item is checked out. The following is a general guideline for loan periods on items owned by the Newburgh Free Library and is subject to change.


max allowed

loan period

Books 50 14 or 21 Days
Audiobooks 5 21 Days
DVDs – Television Series & Movies for Adults 5 7 Days
DVDs – Juveniles 2 7 Days
Instructional DVDs 2 21 Days
Music CD 10 21 Days
Periodicals 5 7 Days (Juvenile & Adult)
Laptops 1 2 Hours
Adults with library cards can use a laptop in the library for one active 2-hour sessions per day. To borrow a laptop, you must present your library card and photo ID. Laptops are checked out for 3 hours to allow time to pick up, set up, print and return the laptop.**Note – Computer users can have two active sessions per day, whether using a desktop computer, a laptop or both.The daily fine for laptops begins to accrue 1 hour after the time due. A laptop is considered to be lost at the end of the business day on which it was checked out.
External Battery Packs (Pack only, No cords) 1 2 Hours
Battery Packs are loaned to Adults with a Newburgh Free Library card for use within the library. The daily fine for battery packs begin to accrue 1 hour after the time due. A battery pack is considered to be lost at the end of the business day on which it was checked out.
Museum Passes 1 3 Days
Museum Passes are loaned to Adults with clean (no fines, or overdues) Newburgh Free Library cards. The maximum fine is $50 and passes are considered to be lost 7 business days after the due date.

Although most materials can be renewed, some are restricted to one loan period. These include but are not limited to:

  • Express (14-Day) Books
  • Juvenile DVDs
  • Periodicals (magazines)
  • Requested (Hold List) Items
  • InterLibrary Loans from non-RCLS libraries


The Newburgh Free Library does not charge fines for most overdue materials, however, we do charge replacement costs for non-returned or damaged items. We do not accept direct replacement of the item.  Other libraries may charge an additional processing fee.

– The following is a general guideline for fines on items owned by the Newburgh Free Library and is subject to change.



Adult Materials including: Books, Audiobooks & Other Print Materials Fine Free
Adult Media including: CDs, DVDs (Movies & TV Series), Instructional Media Fine Free
Juvenile Materials including: Books, Audiobooks & Other Print Materials Fine Free
Juvenile Media including: CDs & DVDs Fine Free
Laptop Computers, Hiking Kits, Battery Packs & Museum Passes $10/day. For maximums see under Loan Period


-Fees are as follows and are subject to change



Photocopies $0.15/page
Computer Printouts $0.15/page B&W, $0.50/page Color
Faxing $1.00/page



We ask that groups larger than five who would like a tour of the library or to get library cards to please call 845-563-3610 at least one week in advance.


You may not be able to check out materials if you owe more than $10.00 in charges of any type.


Your borrowing privileges will be restored when your charges have been paid, including the return of any overdue item and payment for any lost items.

Do you have another question? Call Circulation Services 845-563-3600 or email

Newburgh Library Collaborative

The combined resources and services of three major libraries made available to all of Newburgh. That’s over 500,000 books and 100 library staffers working for you!


The Newburgh Library Collaborative (NLC) strengthens educational opportunity in Newburgh by providing access to our collective resources, offering research support, and teaching information literacy skills at every level.

Participating libraries include:

  • Newburgh Free Library
  • SUNY Orange (Newburgh campus)
  • Mount Saint Mary College


The NLC libraries provide in-person loan of library materials, reference service, and onsite use of collections to any eligible member of each participating library.

Policies regarding the use of materials and resources may vary at participating libraries. The lending library’s policies apply to all borrowers.


Anyone with a valid library card from one of the participating libraries can get shared access.

Please note: The Newburgh Free Library cannot issue library cards to patrons that live in another Library area within the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS).


A NLC card is free. This saves the visitor’s fee of

  • $50 at Newburgh Free Libraries
  • $5 at SUNY Orange Library
  • $20 at Mount Saint Mary College’s Kaplan Family Library


  • Borrowers must present valid card for services.
  • Interlibrary loan service is provided only at the user’s home library.
  • NLC privileges expire after 6 months, renewable upon presentation of current documents shown above.
  • Registration requires a valid photo ID and a qualifying library card.

For more information, call us at 845-563-3610 or 563-3630.