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Jobs & Volunteering at The Library


Employment at the Newburgh Free Library is managed by the Human Resources Department of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. Vacancies are posted on their website:

Applicants for full-time civil service positions should be on the lists created by the City of Newburgh’s Civil Service Commission:


Volunteers who are interested in contributing their time and talents to the Library’s program and its mission are welcome at the Newburgh Free Library.

NFL has three main avenues for people wishing to volunteer: the Library, the Friends of the Library and Literacy Connections.

The volunteer process involves an application and interview, prior to any assignment. For more information on volunteering please contact Kate Clarke at .

Description of Volunteer Program

The NFL Volunteer Program is governed by the Board approved Policy #9180 Volunteers in the Schools.

Individual volunteer opportunities depend upon departmental needs, and may be seasonal or project-based.

Volunteers are meant to help, not replace, the Library staff. School age volunteers looking to earn community service credit may be appointed based on the availability of work at the time of application. The same is true of court-appointed community-service volunteers. For more on this subject see the Volunteer Program Description.

People wishing to volunteer will be required to fill out a Volunteer Application and furnish references. Volunteers will be interviewed and appointed for specific periods of time. Volunteers are required to adhere to district polices.

Volunteers must be approved by the Library Director and the Superintendent or her designee. Any volunteer applicant with a previous criminal conviction must also be reviewed and approved by the Board of Education. Photo identification shall be required.

Volunteer must be 15 years or older.

All 15-year-old volunteers will be required to have working papers.

The Volunteer Coordinator is Ms. Robin Valerio, Executive Assistant. She may be reached at (845) 563-3605.

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